Nutrient Neutrality and Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS)

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At Water Design Engineers, we have helped planners and developers to get their proposals through planning through our innovative and practical approach to mitigation. ‘Nutrient neutral’ development is required by Natural England (NE), as a statutory consultee to the local planning authority, on all new developments in the catchments of ‘designated sites’ whose background levels of nitrogen and/or phosphorus have reached ‘unfavourable’ status.

All developments within the designated areas will require an NNAMS to determine how much nitrogen/phosphorus will be generated. The developer must prove the development to be neutral to receive planning permission.

For all affected developments with a ‘positive’ nitrogen/phosphate budget, mitigation measures will be required to ensure neutrality – and evidence of the certainty of any mitigation scheme will be required for planning permission to be granted.

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